“Polit’s philosophy is to protect everyone who lives steadily, pursues your ideals, and brings you more abundant gifts in life.”

We ignore the practicality and durability of products because of the convenience of online shopping, which leads us to both expect and fear of harm when buying “electronic products” on the Internet.

With the experience and persistence of our teachers, we created Polit.
It hopes to create a high-quality online shopping experience, and subvert everyone’s established impression of electronic scales and their disregard for traditional industries, integrate the services and technologies of the upstream, midstream and downstream industry chains, inject new product ideas and service designs, and re-recognize the necessities that can be seen everywhere in life.

Polit is an electronic product, weighing instruments and other equipment manufacturers, committed to creating a high-quality shopping experience, and providing professional products so that everyone who lives seriously can not only grasp the most accurate data, but also facilitate the recording of life (career) footprints, so that life becomes better.

Vows to create a perfect shopping environment, provide you with professional products, so that you have the best user experience.

Service items

  • Dedicated consultation to find the most suitable product for you

  • Full Taiwan service, shopping is not limited by location

  • All kinds of weighing products and peripheral are equipped with sales and maintenance services

    [ Electronic scales, electronic balances, imported balances, floor scales, weighbridges, weights, labeling machines, traditional pointer scales, etc. ]

  • Calibration service, free calibration of own products for life*

  • Send the central homogeneity verification and international TAF inspection, the certification is guaranteed

  • We can design and manufacture customized products and special scales, and try our best to meet the needs

  • The electronic scale is output with the label Bluetooth machine

  • Taiwan’s self-operated factory brand, high-quality control products; High quality service

*Electronic scales under 150 kg can be corrected free of charge for life when sent back to the factory

Relevant experience and licenses

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Polit International Co., Ltd., was founded in early spring of 2020 by Wang in Taipei City. Although she was only born in 1990, she has many years of experience working alongside her father in the traditional scale industry at a very young age. And now she has dedicated all her energies to creating an innovative online shopping platform that continues to meet customers’ needs.

Whether it’s customized scales or standard weights, repair, and calibration service, we always ensure our customers are satisfied by providing an end-to-end service. At the moment we are actively developing a new smart scale, combine technology and data that can help our customers work more efficiently in inventory management.

And we are looking forward to integrating our scale with apps in the near future which will significantly reduce operational risks and costs.