Shopping instructions

【Shopping Instrustions】

  • Shop for goods> shopping cart> fill in information> checkout
購物步驟 工作區域 1

If you are not sure which product is suitable, please refer to [How to choose] or private message us for help, we will serve you.

【Product warranty】

保固說明 | 沛禮國際 Polit 電子秤專賣

※Traditional scales (pointer scales) do not provide warranty; Refurbished products should be based on the warranty content listed on the product page.

【Shipping Fee】

  • Taiwan Delivery Fee (Except Outlying Islands): Household using $100 | Precision balance $150 | Large $200 | Weighbridge private message (irregular full free event)
  • For pickup at convenience stores, please fill in the name of the receiving store in the remarks
  • For outlying islands or other areas, please contact us first
  • General logistics cooperation: Kerry TJ / Taiwan Post Office

【Payment Method】

  1. Online credit card (pay in full only)
  2. Cash on delivery (NTD$40 logistics handling fee required)
  3. ATM transfer (please provide the last 5 numbers of account after transfer)
  4. Convenient store pick-up payment (please indicate the name of the store in the remarks)

【Shipping days】

  • Please note that shipping procedures cannot be carried out on holidays and holidays.
  • On weekdays (Monday ~ Friday) will confirm your information and payment. We will arrange the shipment as soon as possible, usually within 3 working days, if there is any demand, please be sure to inform us in the remarks.
  • If there is a problem with the inventory, Polit will notify you at first.
  • If it is specified that the next day needs arrive, it is an urgent shipment. For the urgent part, please confirm whether the store is in stock, and place an order before 13:30 pm on the same day to facilitate logistics receipt; Polit will charge an urgent processing fee and quote the product according to the order.

(After the order is sent, if you have any changes to the receiving information or other needs, please leave a message directly or contact us with official Line@, and we will help you as soon as possible)

【Return and exchange instructions】

All Polit products have a 7-day appreciation period, please contact us as soon as possible if the product is defective or there is a shortage of accessories.

Please note that the appreciation period is not a trial period, please keep the product clean and the packaging integrity to ensure your rights.

According to the Consumer Protection Law, consumers enjoy the right to a hesitation period of 7 days after the arrival of the product (Note! Hesitation period is not a probationary period), overdue will not be accepted.

Please be sure about the product needs to be completed. Including the scale, parts, box and package, documents, and freebies. Please use another box to deliver the goods, do not use the original package. If the box has been defaced, Polit will charge NTD$100. If there is anything missing, Polit has the right to reject the request.
Please be sure to read the detailed description of this page that may affect the return authority of various products.

※Customized products and Import products are no return.

  • If the product needs “exchanged” with defects, please apply for the exchange within 7 days, and the round-trip freight will be fully borne by Polit.
  • If the product is ‘exchanged’ without defects, please apply for exchange within 7 days, and you must bear the shipping cost of the new product to and from the ship.
  • If the product is ‘returned’ without defects, please return it within 7 days, and the shipping and return shipping fee will be deducted from the total return amount.

After collecting the paper invoice and the goods, the refund amount is the total payment amount – shipping fee – bank transfer fee = refund amount, and the money will be refunded to the bank account you provided.

Please join the official line service (@polit) of Polit International and confirm with us that you want to cancel or return the goods, and we will handle the relevant matters for you immediately.

Remind you that when applying for a return, please be sure to put the complete goods, accessories, freebie, and packaging boxes you ordered in the original outer box, and return the goods to their original condition.

Refund method:
Please provide basic personal information to facilitate the refund and notification completion process,
The refund time is 9:00~18:00 on working days and does not include holidays (in case of holidays will be postponed), in addition, if you cannot cooperate with the return of the original state when returning the goods, it will affect the refund progress.
In case of special circumstances, the refund cannot be made according to the original payment method, the temporary payment method will be given priority.

The payment method is credit card, cash on delivery, supermarket pick-up payment, ATM payment, after confirming the return, the money will be refunded to the orderer by remittance, and the refund amount is the total payment amount – shipping fee – bank transfer fee = refund amount.

Orders for additional purchase price, combo discount, exhibition price, full discount and free gift for the purchase of designated products:

  • The amount of the replacement product must be equal to or greater than the original product amount, if the amount of the replacement product is less than the original purchase amount, the difference will be calculated based on the original price of the goods to be exchanged.
  • The difference in exchange is only accepted by remittance and transfer.
  • When the main product is returned and only the additional purchase item is retained, the original price calculation of the additional purchase item will be restored.
  • Combination discount, full discount, if the event discount or amount is not reached after return, the original price calculation of the reserved goods will be restored, and the difference will be deducted from the refund amount.
  • Additional or discounted products, limited-time products, and cleared products cannot be returned or exchanged.